Refuge - Love Is Where You Least Expect It.


It's Not So Hard.

Directed By: Jessica Goldberg

Written By: Jessica Goldberg

Produced By: Jack Heller, Dallas Sonnier

Starring: Krysten Ritter (Life Happens, Don’t Trust the B**ch in Apartment 23, Breaking Bad) Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker, Jarhead) Madeleine Martin (Californication)

Genre: Drama

SUMMARY: After just one year of college, Amy (Krysten Ritter) is forced to return home when her parents inexplicably abandon her younger brother and sister. The responsibilities of being a mother to her needy siblings weigh heavily on Amy, but the sudden appearance of Sam (Brian Geraghty), a handsome drifter, begins to change the family dynamic. Slowly breaking through the defenses they’ve erected, the group discovers that life isn’t as lonely as it seems. This emotional and uplifting film showcases the resilience of love and its ability to find its way through even the deepest of hardships. Boasting a standout cast, REFUGE is a touching, tragic-comic portrait of lost souls in small town America.